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Why Fairhill

We are a community dedicated to educating and inspiring students with learning differences.

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A Multi-Sensory Approach

Fairhill’s staff guides individual students in “learning to learn” through a multi-sensory approach to teaching, a small student/teacher ratio, and a warm, supportive atmosphere.

At Fairhill, each student is recognized as an individual with a unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses. Students are taught to maximize their strengths and to develop strategies that minimize their weaknesses. A Fairhill education is designed for the whole child, developing a firm foundation in problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that enhance emotional, social, and academic development.

We offer the following

  • Staff that is knowledgeable of learning differences
  • Multi-sensory approach to teaching
  • Small student/teacher ratio
  • Continuing education and professional development for all staff
  • Executive Function Coaching & Support
  • Individualized placement in reading and mathematics

  • Use of organizers, assistive technology and other learning aids
  • Structured curriculum that adapts to individual student needs
  • Library/media center, science and technology labs
  • Sports, art, drama, and music programs
  • Support Services
  • Warm, supportive environment

A Candidate for Fairhill

Candidates for our school are students grades 1-12 with a documented learning differences who could benefit from a unique approach to education. Many have attended traditional schools only to face frustration as it has failed to meet their learning needs. Our profile of candidates for admission include documentation of a specific learning difference, with average to above intellectual potential, and no primary emotional, social, or medical pathology.

If your student meets these qualifications, Fairhill School may be the answer your family has been looking for and we would be happy to show you around.

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I didn’t feel like an outcast at school like I use to before. It gave me the confidence that I was longing for as well as a second chance and reassurance of enjoying school and finally feel like I was somewhere I belong.

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