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Community Service

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community service

Community Service

Fairhill School strives to provide experiences that help each student develop into a well-rounded individual. Giving back to the community is an important part of this process. In addition, freshmen through seniors are required to complete additional hours of individual community service outside of school.

Freshmen           15
Sophomores      20
Juniors               25
Seniors               30

Senior Buddy Program
Members of the Senior Class who choose to participate are paired with a first, second, or third grade student to share scheduled learning activities once a month. The Buddy Program provides an avenue for younger and older students to develop strong bonds of friendship.

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After a few weeks, her grades improved dramatically, and she had so much pride and confidence about all her school work and activities. We are so thankful for Fairhill, and can’t wait to see how she will excel in the years to come.

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