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Fine Arts

Elementary, Middle School and High School fine arts opportunities

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Fine Arts

Elementary and Middle School

Elementary and Middle School students experience “art history driven” Studio Art Activities.
They are taught to draw using sequential drawing lessons.

This method of drawing offers the basics for understanding and reproducing realistic drawings. A hands-on approach to making art is important in the motor development of manual dexterity, muscular control, and hand-eye coordination.

High School

High School students develop their skills and knowledge in art through experimentation in a variety of processes, techniques, and media.

The primary emphasis is to develop drawing and design skills, which are used as the essential foundation for all other art disciplines. The students will also develop a basic understanding and application of the art elements and principles.

Art I, Advanced Art, and 3-D art comprise the Visual Art electives
with Art I being the pre-requisite for Advanced Art and 3-D Art.

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