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Why does Fairhill have an Annual Fund Campaign?

The funds raised yearly through the Annual Fund Campaign provide tax-deductible dollars to the operating budget that enable Fairhill to keep tuition at a reasonable rate. Through prudent management and successful Annual Fund Campaigns, Fairhill has been able to keep tuition below that of other similar Dallas area private schools. Participation in the Annual Fund Campaign is as important as getting the kids to school on time, attending events, etc.

Are all parents asked to contribute?

All parents are asked to contribute at whatever level they can afford. In the past, individual gifts have ranged from $10 to $15,000. In addition, every Fairhill employee, board member, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents and friends in the community are invited to participate.

What are my payment options?

Cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and gifts of stocks or securities are accepted. To receive a tax deduction for this year, gifts must be postmarked before January 1st. The present campaign actually extends to August, so if this is not a good time to mail your contribution, you may make your pledge now, and Fairhill will be happy to mail a reminder. This will allow the school to project the totals.

Are annual fund gifts eligible for my company’s “matching gifts” program?

In most cases, yes. Please check with your company or call Deann Badura in the Fairhill Development Office at 972.233.1026 if you have questions.

What percentage of my annual fund dollars gets to my child?

Because the sole purpose of the annual fund is to benefit students through curriculum enrichment (teaching aids, computers and software, fine arts, sports, science and math aids, new textbooks, and seminar fees to keep Fairhill teachers up-to-date on the latest techniques for helping students with learning differences), 100% of these funds directly impact the students.

How is the Annual Fund Campaign different from a capital campaign?

A capital campaign is conducted to raise money to fund a specific project such as construction of a gymnasium, school renovation or extensive equipment purchases. The amount of money raised each year in the Annual Fund Campaign helps the Fairhill Board of Directors determine the tuition rate for the coming year.

Do all private schools have annual funds?

Private schools have annual funds if they want to provide the lowest possible tuition rate by providing parents and friends an opportunity to contribute tax- deductible dollars to the school’s operating budget.

How is the Annual Fund Campaign conducted?

A group of parent volunteers work closely with Deann Badura, Director of Development, and Carla Stanford, Executive Director, to contact parents, teachers, board members and friends of Fairhill through direct mail and/or telephone solicitation each fall.

I can’t afford a big gift, therefore I feel hesitant to send a small contribution.

Every gift counts! Fairhill has been fortunate to receive generous grants from foundations and corporations, and they are always interested in the percentage of participation of our families, staff and board in annual giving. The philanthropic philosophy seems to be, “We support those organizations whose constituents believe in their programs enough to support them with an annual gift.”